Final Project Topic Proposal

I have always been fascinated by all the aspects encompassing fashion blogging. Being passionate about fashion and style myself, I naturally spend my free time scrolling on Instagram, looking for style inspiration or beauty advice– it almost became a completely on-accident hobby of mine. Being fortunate enough to have grown up in a critical time of both the rise of digital media and contemporary fashion, I’ve been able to experience just how integral the role of fashion style blogs is in the realm of fashion today. High-end fashion houses such as Dolce & Gabbana, Chloe, and Michael Kors have and continue to depend on the uniquely position fashion style bloggers have been afforded. Personal fashion blogs are a quite novel addition to the fashion media industry, as twenty years ago, the only opinions that mattered were of those designing the very fashion and those publishing the print media approving or disapproving those styles. With the rise of digital media and its trending dominance in all aspects of our lives, it’s only natural for fashion to find its natural fit in this medium as well. What makes personal style blogging so interesting is the landscape in which it resides. Bloggers all coexist in this “blogging community,” where an audience is heavily dependent on their every move. This audience is, now more than ever, involved in these bloggers’ daily lives including their go-to pair of skinny jeans, skincare regimen, and recent pick-ups from that brand trip to New York City.

I hope to uncover what exactly makes personal style blogging so integral to these fashion powerhouses. Not only is the audience more receptive of the bloggers’ opinions but also more impactful in the very decisions that dictate the fate of fashion. The audience is now very much the participatory content creators co-running the show.

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