News Response #2

This week, I chose an article on a topic that resonated with me: representation in the media world. In the NY Times, Buckley writes about the upcoming Film Independent Spirit Awards. Annually held on Oscars eve, the FINDIE was founded in 1984 with the aim to honor independent filmmakers. Founded by Film Independent, a non-profit arts organization, the FINDIE awards champions creative independence in visual storytelling, supports a community of diverse artists, and awards innovation and visionary uniqueness. Unlike the Oscars, three of the five nominees for best director are women: Debra Granik, Tamara Jenkins, and Lynne Ramsay. Other notable award shows like the Oscars gets a lot of heat for not being as representational; in the Oscars’ 91 year history, only five women have received best director nominations and just one has won– Kathryn Bigelow in 2010. What was especially interesting was how Buckely describes typical Hollywood’s response to the understated number of female directors working on major films. Many of them simply say, “but Kathryn Bigelow!” as if her single win makes up for the “rafts of women who have been systematically kept out of the directors’ chair and awards contention.” Although the landscape has gotten better for women since 1964, the responsibility of fervent change does not just lie in the hands of the female directors. It also lies on the journalists, the receiving media, the audience, and the male counterparts.

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