Creative Project

Magazine Publication

For my creative project, I created a fashion magazine unraveling the ever-changing role of the style influencer. On each page, I showcased the highlights of my favorites: Aimee Song, Tessa Barton, Danielle Bernstein, Chiara Ferragni, Negin Mirsalehi, and Camila Coelho. I wanted to create something tangible to embody all I admired about these individuals and felt that a digital publication would do just that.

First, I used Microsoft Word to compose the individual magazine pages. I gathered, arranged, and edited photographs of their social media content, personal branded products, most notable brand collaborations, and industry acclamations. Then, I compiled the docs into one PDF file and uploaded it onto Flipping Book, which transformed a few PDF pages into a digital publication. Flipping Book not only converted the pages into a publication, but also immersed viewers into an authentic “flipping through the magazine” experience.

The collage-nature of the imagery enables viewers to see just how curated each blogger’s personal brand is. While designing these pages, I took on the role of a creative content director, which is just one of these bloggers’ many deemed titles. It provided me a glimpse into the not-so-glamorous work behind the content. With the rising dominance of the micro-celebrity, these style bloggers have intimately appealed to their audience by crafting a transferable on-brand aesthetic unique to their persona. When watching their YouTube videos, shopping their brand partnerships, or exploring their Instagram feeds, I’ve found that each has successfully committed to consistency— a consistent look, a consistent message, and a consistent identity.

The evolution of digital media has provided these individuals greater accessibility to sharing one’s story on multiple platforms. Over the years, these blogger turned influencers have cultivated an incredibly distinct portfolio of work. Because the majority of their content is non-tangible, deciding on the single medium I’d use to showcase their work was the biggest challenge. This magazine publication exemplifies the spaces each of these bloggers have saturated (business, fashion, etc.) while remaining grounded in their persona.

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