Final Website Self-Assessment

Being a visual learner, choosing the right format for my blog was incredibly important. I wanted a layout that displayed my blog posts, included the variety of images, and showcased my content in an visually appealing way. With that being said, I pretty much stuck with the same format all semester.

In terms of the expectations for my blog, it definitely came out much simpler than I imagined. When planning the format, I had this idea of making it super fancy and visually-engaging. Little did I know how basic WordPress was, as you really have to be skilled at personalizing to customize it to your exact liking. After coming to that realization, I focused much more on the content. I love scrolling through the home page and seeing the progression of my work. From my first website reflection, where I seemed to solely focus on layout and organization, to the publication of my final creative project, a lot has evolved. It’s awesome to see how my ideas shifted as well, going from a very rough draft of my topic to the actual publication of the final project. Reading my first website reflection, I realized I went into this website-development endeavor with the goal of making it a more personal blogging platform. This has surely shifted into a portfolio of my work. Making this website also drastically affected the way I think about digital media. Everything from the format to the content to the font are all purposeful and meant to influence a decision, an idea, or a perspective.

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