First Website Reflection

I often find myself judging something that I know nothing about. For example, when I browse the internet and land on certain websites, I find myself thinking “Wow this website is so unorganized!” or “This layout is so confusing.” However, it’s not until I’m in the position of curating that experience that I realize how difficult it is to cater a content’s presentation, message, organization, and layout towards a specific audience. I am taking this building of a website one step at a time. First, I chose a visually pleasing theme that features bold words and aesthetic images. Then, I narrowed down my color palette and font options. Truthfully, I haven’t yet explored the depths of options that wordpress has to offer to fully create a website that meets the needs of everything I hope for; however, I am excited to play around with the different layouts as time goes on to see what fits my style. Some of the websites that I’ve drawn visual inspiration from are fashion blogs where the layout is clear and the organization is uncomplicated. I love personal touches like a crafted signature and a special format unique to that blogger. By the end of the semester, I hope to have curated a website that not only serves as a creative outlet for me artfully but also a blogging platform where I can trace exactly how I thought and felt from January to May.

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